Iniziativa: Haiti Poster Project
Progetto: Invio di due manifesti per raccolta fondi post terremoto
Anno: 2010

EMPTY SPACES: The idea of helping Haiti is represented through a text block where the “HELP” word is totally visible and introduces the second word “HAITI” which is only partially readable. The position of the text block is the core of the message, which is underlined by the colors choice. Green is the color chosen for the “HELP” word, and it is linked to a positive and bright imaginary. At the same time the word “HAITI” is defined by the use of the colors of the country flag. (Link to Website)

COLORS: The image represented wats to transmit a sens of confusion and oppresion caused by the earthquake. That’s the reason why the overlapping graphic composition, barely readable, is directly linked to the message. In the upper part the invite to help the country, in the lower one the name of the Project with the colors of the haitian flag. (Link to Website)